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I literally cant even look at myself without feeling awful. Evey part of me looks feminine and no matter what I do I cant change it. I don't have money for top surgery and I don't have the guts to inject t into my system every day. I cant seem to get respect from my own friends and family and my dad thinks he is allowed to not the name and pronouns I ask him to because "Im your dad so I should be exempt, right",,,,NO THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS,,,,,,,,,
death sounds fun rn lmaoo
im gay
So im playing minecraft with my friends and one of them passed the fuck out with his hand on the keys and he has been walking for countless 600x600 plots and hes still going and this is fucking great
i literally feel awful and tbh i wanna die
Should I start doing point adopts? They seem like fun and I could use the points and it would be a good way for me to work on my character design. Who would buy them?
My friend at school gave me a binder and now my chest can be flat :D
I usually dont get involved with things like this but for some ungoldy reason I have gotten multiple people asking me to draw Jin and I've seen so many people defending him. Stop. First off I'm not gonna draw for you unless you are my close friend, someone I look up to, or a commission. Second, Jin committed a disgusting crime and he does not deserve to be supported. "Protect the child" "Save Jin" and all that needs to stop. I'm upset and saddened by this, trust me, but whats right is right and I'm not going to defend him and neither should you. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, the youtuber Jinbop, a former friend of Skydoesminecraft and the rest of the mcyt community, was arrested for making child pornography and people are defending him because hes a youtuber, which is really fucking dumb and rather disgusting.
 I have a twitter friend (who's name i will not include for privacy reasons) who actually would talk with Jin. He told her that if they met he would take her to the bedroom. She reminded him she was under aged and he just played it off like he was joking (still creepy for a grown man to make sexual jokes directed at a young teenager.) I'll put a video with more explanation at the end here but please, stop defending him.

Breaking your fucking arm before your birthday
Fuck Litten. Rowlet and Popplio are my babies 
Don't. You are still learning. You may see an artist who you think draws better than you and you may want to give up, but don't. That artist started out drawing stick figures. Drawing is a acquired skill you learn over time. Instead of being envious, aspire to do better. Look up to that artist and ask for tips. You will eventually draw better than you ever could imagine but it is going to take a long time. You don't become a pro artist over night, so have fun with it and take your time. Look at tutorials and practice. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself!I beleave in you and I know you will do great. Don't give up.
Im literally Star Wars garbage and Adam Driver is precious 
I'm ranting yet again! This time its about boobs. Just about everyone in the country thinks boobs are sex organs when they aren't. Boobs are for feeding babies, not to attract men, or even needed to have sex. You can have sex without touching her boobs! Boobs are sensitive because the sensation brings milk to the nipple for the baby who is being fed. In fact, men have boobs that do the same thing, the only difference is that a mans balls makes so much testosterone that their breasts stay relatively small. In countries where boobs are seen every day, guys don't get turned on in the slightest. Boobs aren't even organs, they are just fat and tissue. 
In conclusion, boobs are not sexual. Being turned on by boobs is a thing because its a fetish most people have, but don't see it as one because they think boobs are sex organs. 
I have been contemplating changing my name for a while now, but I have no idea what name to pick. I want something gender natural but all the names I can think of are names my friends already have (Alex, Sam, etc.) and it would be really confusing for my other friends and them theirselves. Can someone help me out with this??
Hey guys, so Iv'e seen people attack others for thinking characters are fat (example being Vriska from Homestuck) because of their own personal tastes or because they think its a fetish. I know there is a fat fetish but that doesn't mean every person who headcanons a character to be fat has a fetish. Fat characters are just as beautiful as skinny ones, so I don't see why anyone has to take time from their life to yell at someone else for thinking "Maybe this character would look cute with some fat!" 

I might update this later but right now I'm gonna chill.
For your sake don't do it. me..
The other day I met up with my dudes, Zac and Liam. They did the smart thing and went to the park wearing t-shirts. But stupid me went in a tank top. My shoulders, neck and back is red and burning and I want to scream.  RIP my arms 
Hey guys! I dont know if I should post more sonic art or not. Im in and out of the fandom at the same time so I dont really know. 
My otp in :iconaphmau:'s series just kissed! GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
Garroth, my son! Im so proud aaaaa♥